9 Tips On How to Stay Positive When You’re Unemployed

How to Stay Positive when You're Unemployed Luxury How to Keep A Positive attitude while Unemployed

Unemployed can happen to anyone and at any time. Facing it is certainly not easy, especially for those of you who are married. Not only financial problems, but also emotional struggles and inner turmoil because of thinking about family fate. It is not uncommon for people to be stressed by it.

If this happens to you, what will you do? Surely you will be very confused, especially if it happens suddenly and you don’t prepare a replacement. For this reason, this article will help you stay excited even after experiencing Job Loss.

1. Give time to accept the situation
Losing a job is traumatic. This will make you reject reality and try hard to distract yourself from the fact that it makes you even more stressed. This reaction is natural and does not need to be forced to accept it in a hurry.

Providing time to be able to accept reality is very important, besides being mentally stronger, you will also become wiser. By giving time to regain control, confidence will return and you can start a new life that is even more passionate.

2. Be thankful
Fired, how come I’m grateful? Grateful, what this means is to be grateful for the things you have succeeded in working for in your old company. By looking at what you have built, you will be proud of yourself and begin to create a positive aura that will make your life beautiful.

With gratitude, you can also control your emotions better so that you don’t create new problems that will harm you. After controlling the emotions successfully done, you can proceed to the next stage, which is telling the family.

3. Be honest with your family
When you have a family, you must tell the condition that you are experiencing honestly. That way, you can share with your family and make them understand this condition. As a result, they can help you by finding additional income or changing their lifestyle.

By telling honest stories, you can also get moral support so you don’t have to feel too bad and motivated to get back up. However, make sure you do this after successfully mastering yourself to be able to tell it calmly, without needing to blame anyone.

4. Make a plan ahead
After getting support from the family, the next step is to think about how to get on with life. After experiencing a Job Loss, income will certainly decrease dramatically and savings will also be depleted. You can start by managing your household budget to change your lifestyle.

Calculate the severance pay obtained so that it is enough to get a new source of income. If you are forced to borrow, look for a loan with a small interest and do not be tempted to borrow directly in large quantities, because you will have difficulty when paying.

is unemployment killing your self concept by john manni ed d
"Is Unemployment Killing Your Self Concept " by John Manni from How to Stay Positive When You’re Unemployed, source:psychupforjobsearch.wordpress.com

5. Go recreation
Why is the income decreased even recreation? Maybe that is your mind after reading this. You need to know if recreation to various places can provide a lot of inspiration and eliminate various negative thoughts that haunt the mind.

There is no need to be too expensive, enough recreation near the house or a place that does not need to be expensive which is important you can enjoy there. Don’t forget to invite family or close friends to share leisure moments with you. After returning from recreation, you will be better able to think clearly and be more motivated for sure.

6. Take care of the routine
The most common thing experienced by new workers in Job Loss is a change in routine. You usually wake up early, suddenly getting up later and messing up things like breakfast and sleep. As a result, you will become more lazy and more difficult to return to.

To overcome this, still wake up early and sleep as usual. Also add other routines such as exercising, gardening, or repairing damaged furniture. Whatever activities are important, keep forcing your body to always be active and not be lazy.

7. Start getting up and looking for your dream job
Maybe while you work, you always do the same routine every day. After you have this opportunity, it’s good to try to make a list of the jobs that you want from a long time ago but haven’t had the chance to get it done. Suppose you have an acquaintance or company that you like, try to find information on whether they open a job. This way you can learn many things about what you like and don’t like for your next job.

8. No need to ignore negative comments
In addition to avoiding negative thoughts in yourself, you should also avoid people who are toxic, namely people who only give negative comments to you.

Try to be closer to people who are confident, hard-working, and willing to give constructive advice. This positive environment can help you relieve stress and be free from depression.

Look back at your resume and update the document. Complete the list of skills you get from your last workplace and perfect your CV so that the company will look deeper into yourself than just experience losing your job.

9. Maximize Your Professional Network
When you are ready for your career path, it is time to maximize your personal professional network. Tell your friends that you are looking for a new job, but do not assume that you will accept any work.

You can also reuse the functions of your membership in communities and organizations or social media accounts that might be forgotten when you are still working. Send e-mail, SMS or just update your Facebook status and other profiles. You never know when you will get a job offer that can catapult your career.

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