How to Stay Positive when You are Unemployed

How to Stay Positive when You're Unemployed Amazing Funny Unemployed Freaking News

There are times when we have just finished a college education and are then faced with the fact that we have to get a job as compensation for the education that we have been through. It feels like a waste after we spend years for school starting from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, to university if in the end it doesn’t have its own source of income.

As a graduate of higher education with a bachelor’s degree, there may still be many of us who choose the way of life to become an employee in a particular company or institution, so it is not surprising that there are career exchange events and there are hundreds or even thousands of job seekers. I think not only the career market is our target when faced with a situation of wanting to get a job right away.

Print media or electronic media are everyday meals to be glared at in order to get the chance to get the best job we dream of. Preparing registration documents, choosing professional fields according to educational background, and sending applications or job applications has become common practice for job seekers.

Compete with hundreds or thousands of other applicants to fight for positions with limited capacity for only a few people. A reality that often becomes a bitter pill is when failure after failure continues to approach in every work selection series that we go through.

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1) Keep a Gratitude Journal

When you’re faced with the fear of not being able to support yourself, or potentially your family, it’s easy to get caught up in looking at what you don’t have: you don’t have an income, you don’t have quality food, you can’t pay the bills and you’re drinking lemonade instead of champagne.

It’s entirely apprehensible, but lethal, to specialize in what you’re while not. you may want a failure, which is able to forestall you from merchandising yourself as a winner on application forms and in interviews. you’ll be able to spin this.

A wealth of psychological research shows that gratitude and happiness go hand in hand. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey has famously kept a gratitude journal since she was young. It’s a simple, but transformational concept.

At the end of every day, you write down what happened to make you thankful. Did somebody hold a door open for you? Was your bill a little less expensive than you anticipated? Did your child do something beautiful?

No matter however robust your day was, you’ll continually realize one thing to understand. In your bleakest moments, you may end up merely writing “I am grateful that my sister let Pine Tree State use her shower” or maybe “I am still alive.” It’s in those moments that you’re going to really perceive the worth of feeling.

2) Treat it like it’s your job

You’re not unemployed. Your job is to get a job. It’s probably the worst pay you’ve ever had, but if you work hard you’ll be rewarded with skills in patience, persistence and, eventually, employment.

Imagine your new boss in a sleek suit, shaking your hand firmly and looking down at you. Would that boss be okay with you, pajama-clad, strolling into the office at 11 am, getting comfortable in front of the computer and opening You Tube?

Right now, you are your own boss. That means you have to get to the office at 9 am every day. It means you have to work at polishing your CV, get advice from recruitment agencies, apply for jobs, maybe even practice your special skills or read up on how to improve your application forms and interview techniques.

Take an hour for your lunch, if you would do at work. Finish at the same time as you would do at work. Take weekends off.

3) Take breaks

I don’t simply mean take fifteen minutes to possess a cup of tea (although i do not apprehend what a cup of tea cannot cure). I mean take a mental break. once you are round-faced with constant rejection and an absence of feedback, your motivation will plummet. you simply have your own voice to pay attention to and, once a minute, it’d begin speech “You cannot do it”, “You keep failing”, “You’re not pretty much as good because the alternative candidates” or worst of all “You’ll ne’er get employment.”

What would your succor say if they detected you talking concerning yourself like that? If they’d say, “Your wonderful as a result of you retain trying”. Catch yourself after you ar mentally beating yourself up. Take a clear stage. Breathe. Tell yourself precisely what that smart friend would tell you. Then say it aloud.

Self-motivation is unbelievably vital for achievement. it is the spark that may get that application started, that call created or that CV written.

the power of staying positive
The POWER of Staying POSITIVE Bledsoe Success Group from How to Stay Positive When You’re Unemployed,

4) Talk about it.

Bear in mind, ‘talk’ doesn’t mean ‘whine.’ Moping is okay in small, infrequent doses but it’s also something you just have to break through.

Share your experience with someone you trust. Have your friends or family members ever been unemployed? Ask them about it. How did they feel? What did they do to overcome it? Absorb all the advice you can and use it for yourself. You might (or might not) be surprised by how many people have been in a position similar to yours. This is not only the age of redundancy, but the age of people who feel freer to regularly change jobs and chase dream careers.

5) The Golden Rule: Never Give Up

You are not going to remain unemployed for ten years. It’s not going to happen unless you work exceptionally hard at being unemployed or have unresolved psychological or physical issues blocking your way.

It might take months, it might take longer than a year, it might not be your dream job, but you are inevitably going to be employed. You are going to be financially supported somehow during your unemployment whether that be by savings, a parent, the government, a spouse or friend. There is always a way for you to get help. It will be agonisingly troublesome and you may learn lessons regarding your pride, however it will be done.

I recently met a successful, vibrantly happy man who has a history of unemployment. When he was homeless, he had every right to dwell on this pain and fear. He had been employed before and knew he could do it again. He had recovered from an addiction and, because of that, knew he was strong enough to recover from homelessness. He had many more years of life ahead so he could try again. And again. And again.

The positive attitude we have plays an important role in our lives

The positive attitude we have plays an important role in our lives in order to be able to endure every reality that is not as expected. If we are faced with a failure and we do not have a positive attitude for it, what is our dream instead of approaching is even more distant.

When the work that we expect and wait for is not achieved while our attitude tends to be negative about this reality, then our motivation over time will fade. Passion to continue trying to disappear and finally we get nothing from our attitude. Conversely, when we continue to maintain our attitude to always be positive, continue to work hard, and of course accompanied by prayer, which is our hope can certainly be realized soon.

A positive attitude may be very easy to convey. But not everyone is able to implement it in a long period of time. Once or twice a failure may still be a normal thing. When failure often increases in frequency, very few can survive in such conditions.

Anyone who is able to continue to “uphold” his body and be positive about all the failures he experiences will undoubtedly at the end of the story he will be the person who smiles the widest among the others. Because a positive attitude is not all people are able to run it for a long time when facing certain problems such as waiting for work that does not come, then the role of close people, whether family, friends, spouse, or guidance teacher plays an important role in this matter. They are “igniting” positive attitudes that are powerful enough to continue to take care of ourselves so that we are always in a high zone of confidence.

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