10 Ways to Live More Fully

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Maybe you have been asked by your colleague, what is the meaning of life for you?

Surely the answer will be different, many even can’t answer it.

Before understanding the meaning of life, let us first mention the nature of life. Nature can be interpreted as a basis or essence. while the meaning of life in the Large Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI) is still there, moving, and working as it should. So the essence or essence of life is there, moving, working as it should. This means that if we no longer exist in the world, then we are said not to live anymore (Dead), or if we are already unable to move, breathe, and the organs in our body no longer work, we are also called dead.

If we have the three criteria above, are we called life?

Of course, we are certainly still alive if we have the three criteria above, but the life we ​​have is no different from plants or animals, because they also have the three criteria above.

Do you want to be compared with animals and plants? Surely everyone answered no.

Then if we don’t want to be equated with animals and plants, what can distinguish us from animals and plants?
The answer is that our lives are meaningful and have goals, whether we realize it or not, everyone has a meaning and purpose in life.

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Has your life been meaningful?

I am sure your life is meaningful, only the criteria for the meaning of life for each person is different. a newborn baby is already meaningful to the environment, where he can spread the happiness of his family.

As social beings, of course we cannot escape ourselves from our social environment, at home, at the office, at school, and wherever we are. Therefore we also have to make our lives meaningful to the social environment. Many people reason that they have nothing to give to their surroundings so that their lives are more meaningful to the environment.

To be meaningful we don’t have to give something of value and we give it to the environment, don’t have to be donors for the construction of mosques, don’t have to always feed the poor, but let’s start from small things that will have a tremendous impact on the environment and others.

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Living life is like riding a roller coaster, always going up and down. No wonder we always look for ways to make life more meaningful. Even simple things can have a big impact on yourself and others. Like some of the actions below.

Stop trying to be perfect: You already are. Yes, each one of us is a work in progress, but that work is perfect in its state of evolution. When you are driven by perfection, you are unable to appreciate who you already are. Try instead to look at what is right about you.

Stop Trying to Impress Others: The people who want to be impressed (in the way I am talking about here) are not worth your time. The people who will judge you without knowing you or based on some criteria that are not even important to you are just not your people. The people who matter will think you are amazing. Pay more attention to them.

Stop Trying to Be Someone Else: If you are comparing yourself to someone who has different talents than you do or if you think that you should be doing things a different way than is natural for you, instead start to appreciate how you do things and what your talents are.

Find What You Love: When you let yourself be yourself, you will naturally be drawn to what you love. But, what you love also shows you something about who you are. If you don’t know what you love, experiment. If you like it, try doing it again and see if it grows into something.

Give Yourself Permission to Do What You Love: Once you find the things you love, do them a lot. The more that you do what you love, the happier and the more satisfied you will be with your life. If you know what you love but you are not doing it, get the support you need to give yourself permission to be happy.

Don’t Waste Time Doing Other Things: Why bother doing things that you do not enjoy? Yes, I understand life has some practicalities that need to be addressed, but once they have been attended to-are you still wasting time not doing what you love? If so, start a plan to cut out the things that are not in line with who you want to be or what you love, and then take action.

Slow Down: We can all get a bit ahead of ourselves. It is not about doing more or doing it faster, it is about really enjoying our life. We can’t do that if we are moving so fast that we don’t even know what is happening. Start by building some real breaks into your schedule.

Pay Attention to What Is Working (Most of the Time): Most of us would benefit from being a bit more positive. There is a place for looking at what is not working, but when we pay attention to what works, we often learn more about it and therefore can have more of it. We also feel better about what we are experiencing. If you see yourself getting negative, find one thing that is working.

Express Gratitude: Being grateful is one of the most effective ways to be happier. When in doubt, find something to appreciate. And don’t forget to apply it to yourself!

Learn to Fully Receive: The emphasis on doing that most of us have been enculturated into leaves us less skilled when it comes to receiving. But how can we have a full and rich life if we can’t receive it? The next time someone compliments you, take it in.

A small example that you can do,

For example, if you are walking on foot, you see a nail or other sharp object in the middle of the road you are going through, take it and throw it in a safe place.

It is very small, simple, easy, and may not even seem to have meaning.

If you did not take the sharp object, then regarding the vehicle tires that happened to be driven by a contractor who would attend the tender of a large project, where with the project there would be hundreds of building project workers he could employ for the project, due to sharp objects. the vehicle tire was leaking, the journey became blocked, as a result the project escaped from his hand.

Can you imagine how many project workers lost the opportunity to work because of the failure of the project, how many of their children could not pay school fees because their fathers could not work, and how many of their toddlers could not be fulfilled nutrition because there were no source of income.

If you take that sharp object, you imagine how many people will be helped by your small actions, indeed there will be no one who thanks you, there will be no appreciation in this world that you will receive. But returning to your life’s purpose to be meaningful to the environment, or just want to get an award.

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