Opportunity is Always Under Your Feet

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Do you know how many Indonesians are now? According to the song Rhoma Irama more than 200 million. If you do not believe, please count yourself. But the purpose of this paper is to go there, try to assume the population is 250 million and all need to eat every day. If per day each person spends 0.5 kilograms of rice, 6 pieces of temper then per day 125,000 Quintana of rice are needed and 1.25 billion temper. If a month, a year or so, of course there are a lot of them. If this 250 million requires footwear with an assumption of 2 pairs per person, it takes 500 million pairs of footwear or 1 billion pieces of footwear.

There are two perspectives that I want to share with you. Judging from the needs of course consumption for Indonesians is enormous, it is appropriate if the government through Bulog is always worried if the stock is running low due to crop failure and others. Secondly, in terms of opportunities, with this large population, the opportunity for entrepreneurship in Indonesia is enormous.

Just relying on the consumption sector, the opportunity will always be there every day for 1 full year without stopping. The basic needs sector, such as nine basic commodities, soap, transportation, health, is a sector that has extraordinary opportunities. It is undeniable that one of the pillars of economic growth is the consumption factor because of the large population. While the nature of consumption is a need that cannot be delayed. Do you still remember the rare case of chili so that it entered the cabinet meeting? Yes, everything happens because the consumption sector is indeed something that cannot be postponed. These needs must be fulfilled every day.

From here, of course, in the eyes of entrepreneurs, this perspective is an opportunity that must be put forward. An entrepreneur is those who can see threats, challenges as opportunities. Then the courage to take opportunities, minimize and manage risk is the nature of entrepreneurship. In a number of seminars Purdi entrepreneurial expert E Chandra stressed that entrepreneurship is 9A: action, action, action, action, action, action, action, action

The second basic characteristic is coverage or coverage. With the advancement of technology and the ease of transportation, human mobility has become increasingly complex. The large area is now becoming increasingly narrow. 5 years ago going to Jakarta took more than 20 hours, now it is quite an hour from Malang so that in one day we can go back and forth to Jakarta. Internet technology allows the products and services you produce to be purchased by people from various cities and parts of the world in a short time. So that the entrepreneurial perspective cannot be narrow anymore. The market must be viewed widely and intact and there is a strong will to fulfill it. Because the world will narrow to one village.

He s Always Getting Under Foot
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One conclusion is that entrepreneurship in Indonesia is one thing that is not difficult because whatever your product might be absorbed by more than 100%, the proof is that there are still many commodities that this country must import. Another proof is the large number of foreign investors who are chasing the Indonesian market. Last week, maybe you can read in compass headlines, concerns that many of our economies are controlled by foreigners because of the many foreign-controlled public assets such as banking. This also if seen from the perspective of opportunity is an opportunity for all of you children to take part in producing goods and services in their own country.

Has it ever crossed your mind why some folks forever build it in life despite their standing or background or perhaps beliefs? the rationale is that they need down pat the vital principle that says that, where you’re there’s one thing ready for you. Move aloof from making an attempt to suppose that goodies or higher things square measure ne’er found wherever you’re however rather in different places.

Right there where you are you have an opportunity to do great things and to be a better person. You do not need to look for those good things from other people or from other families or communities. Take time to dig around yourself and where you are. This world is structured in such a way that if you truly believe in your dreams and work hard on those dreams, you are going to be a success, regardless of where you are. So opportunity is everywhere.

This world we live in is a place where the bold and courageous ones make it. Be bold in your field of expertise. Be the simplest in what you are doing and wherever you’re currently, you may build extraordinary milestones. perhaps you’re a author, be the simplest in your writing. don’t be afraid that almost all things are written, the globe is waiting to listen to your voice regarding a definite philosophy or idea.

The farmer became discontent and unhappy such that he decided to sell off his land to go and look for diamond. He went around the world looking for the diamond and found none. He actually died while searching. On the other hand the new farm owner while watering the camels in the farm found a sparkling stone.

So chance is usually knock at your door, however it takes that sort of eye and a right perspective to comprehend the nice opportunities that dwell your life. You were planted for a purpose wherever you’re straight away and you are doing not got to be somebody or somewhere to be vital or potent during this life.

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